Paranormal Now Investigator and Psychic Mediums Richard Oliver is now available for one to one sessions either face to face, online or over the telephone.

These sessions are designed to be tailored to what you are
looking for with the goal of helping you move forward with your own connection
to yourself, the world around you and the world of spirit.

We know that these sessions can be nerve racking sometimes,
and this is why when we work with you, we want you to feel right at ease, and
this is why we believe offering our services in a way that suits you is

Our sessions fit into one of three categories, which you can
select as an option using the booking form below to ensure you have the session
that works best for you. These are as follows.

Spiritual / Psychic

A one hour session, perfect for those who are.

  • Looking for personal validation of the world of
  • Looking for insight into your own spiritual
  • Looking for a place to start their own journey
    of exploration, following your dreams and passions.
  • Understanding your current soul’s journey
  • Looking for insight into the future.
  • Want to understand their life purpose.

Guidance Reading

A one hour session, perfect for those who are;

  • Looking for more insight into Love and
  • Looking for more insight into family
  • Looking for insight into their job prospects or
    Career goals.
  • Feeling stuck and want to know where to go next.

Spiritual Development

These sessions are less of a reading and more for those who
are seeking

  • Help with getting started on their journey and
    would like to know more about the basics of forming their own connection with
    the world of Spirit.
  • Want to start a career as a Psychic / Medium and
    are looking for advice on how to get started.
  • Struggling with things like meditation, and
    would like more guidance to move forward.
  • Are looking to take an active role in their own
    self development and need some support in doing so.

About Our Readers

Well it’s us. The two guys you hear each week on the Now
Debate or have seen on our Youtube channel. Richard Oliver and Jared Walters
have had very distinct Spiritual journeys which have given both of them the
passion to follow their life purpose of helping others when it comes to the
world of Spirit and the Paranormal.

Readings with Richard
Richard Oliver

Richard Has been a Medium and Paranormal Investigator since 2006, and has given readings to people all over the world. Richard has an amazing ealth of knowledge about all things Spiritual and is an excellent medium with a very strong and passionate connection to spirit. Richard specialises in connection with loved ones in the Spirit world, Spiritual Guidance, Self help and Development Coaching.

Jared Walters




Book a session online or over the telephone.

  1. Use the Paypal booking form below to book your
  2. As soon as we have received booking confirmation
    we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time for the session to take

Book a Face to Face

  1. Please contact us first before Paying for your
    reading Face to face so that we can arrange an appointment
  2. Appointments are given on a first come first
    served basis.
  3. We only travel to you if we receive a booking fo
    4 readings or more.
  4. We accept cash payments for face to face
  5. As we are very busy, in order to secure a
    booking we may require a deposit of £5 per
    person to secure your session.

Before you book some things you should know.

  1. The Price of each Session is £30 for one hour.
  2. All sessions are payment in advance of each session
  3. We do not offer free sample readings
  4. Sessions are conducted by Phone, Face to Face or Online
  5. We contact you, once the booking is made, all readings are based on a first come first served basis, once we have received your booking we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the best time to contact you and conduct the session.
  6. We will not hold your data. We will ask for contact information during the booking process such as an email address or Phone number. Once the session is completed this data is then either deleted or destroyed. More information can be found by reading our Privacy Policy here.
  7. We use 3rd parties to facilitate the booking process, our email provider is Microsoft outlook, which you can find their terms of service here and we use Paypal to facilitate Payments and you can read their terms of service here.
  8. This Website is SSL encrypted for your security.
  9. Our refund Policy is quite simply that we do not want to waste your money, so if we feel within the first 5 Minutes of the call that we are not getting a connection with you, the reading will be stopped and we will refund you the money. Also if you feel we are not getting a connection with you within the first 5 Minutes of the call please say as once the call goes beyond 5 Minutes, we will not be able to refund the cost of the session.
  10.  If you are unsure about anything please contact us first by emailing [email protected].

Please use the Payment form below to book your session online or over the phone.

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