It is our aim to offer those who need it help with the Paranormal in Wales or wherever it is possible to provide it.

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Are you having weird occurrences in your home?

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At Work

Do you work in an old building and would like to know more of it's history?


Around you

Are you having strange things happening around you that you don't quite understand?

Offering help with the Paranormal in Wales

Many of us who experience paranormal activity can experience it for years before asking for any help.

Often we wonder if others will believe us, we think we are going mad.

We fear that there is something wrong with us or we are making it up or for whatever reason as the experiences seem too impossible to be true.

It is only when the activity escalates that we finally ask for help, but then who do you turn to?

Jared Walters and Richard Oliver offering help with the Paranormal in Wales

We were once where you are.

This is where many of our team found themselves, at the point of joining Paranormal Now Investigations.

Throughout our lives we have each experienced something beyond our initial comprehension, with no frame of reference to the meaning and mechanics of what was happening to us.

Is this happening to you? If so we can help!

Richard offering help with paranormal activity to south Wales family
Little girl spirit caught at abandoned hospital

What matters is you!

For seven years we have offered help with the Paranormal in Wales to many families with cases covering Ghosts, spirits, UFO encounters, curses, psychic abilities and more.

Our approach is simple, it doesn’t matter what science says, it doesn’t matter what we believe, what matters is you...

What are you experiencing and what can we do to help? We take this approach because it is the only starting point to work from.

When you contact us, we use a range of methods to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Richard offering help with the Paranormal in Wales Seance session in Pentre.

Our Approach

These methods are spiritual and scientific in nature.

We realise that the help you need may be ongoing, so after the initial investigations we will give you a point of contact who will help you through the process.

We are a well connected team so if we don’t know what is going on, you can bet we have a means of finding out.

So what happens when you contact us?

You can contact us using the Contact us link on this site or through our Facebook page.

Initial contact

• We don’t bite... Honest... We want you to feel at ease but we will need to get a good picture of what is happening, so the more detail you can give the better.

• Don’t worry about feeling emotional, afraid or upset, we understand that some of these experiences can be difficult.

• During this conversation we will make some suggestions as to a way forward. This may include additional conversations or a visit from our team at a convenient time for you.

The Investigation Process.

How the investigation is conducted is down to your circumstances as each experience is different.

To give you a frame of reference here are a few things that we consider when investigating.

• We use a wide range of equipment to aid our investigations. These range from basic audio visual equipment to electromagnetic sensors and Spirit communication devices.

• Our secondary goal is to collect data, the more we can understand not only your circumstances but the circumstances of others going through Paranormal experiences, the more we are able to help.

• We use Psychics and Mediums along with alternative practitioners such as Reiki healers when needed. We will ensure that any mediums used have little knowledge of the case before the investigation as not to invalidate results.

• We will not offer readings on request unless needed, if we do sense something around you, we will offer this information freely.

• We have a researcher who works with us, acting as an independent observer. Their role is to document events as they happen for further analysis later.

• Sometimes, we will have to perform a clearance, this will remove any negative energies from the property, this is done with sound and Sage.

YOU are the top priority, and nothing happens during this process unless agreed with you first.


For legal and health and safety reasons there are some incidents where we cannot offer our assistance.

  • Drug and Alcohol use. Under no circumstances will an investigation take place where drug and alcohol abuse is taking place.
  • Health and Safety Risk. If an investigation is deemed too dangerous to the health and safety of any or all of our team members, the investigation may be effected or terminated without prior notice.
  • Mental Health and Physical Health. Please be honest. We understand there is a stigma when approaching cases where a person's mental health or physical health is a factor. We are not doctors nor are we medically trained. If you are suffering from a medical condition this needs to be explored and ruled out first.
Orb caught on camera when offering help with the Paranormal in Wales.


We do this out of a passion for exploring the Paranormal, so make no money for our efforts.

We do however ask that in the event of a call out, you would be able to cover the cost of our travel expenses so that we are not out of pocket.



It is our aim to offer those who need it help with the Paranormal in Wales or wherever it is possible to provide it.

We cover most of the South Wales Region which include Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, The Valleys, Gwent, Bridgend, Barry, Pontypool etc.

If you live outside this area please feel free to contact as we will help all we can.

We will come out beyond this region however arrangements will have to be made with regards to any additional expense incurred.

Richard spots UFO in llantrisant

Next Steps...

If you feel we can help you then please get in touch using this button.


We use audio / visual equipment during our investigations for the purposes of collecting evidence. This evidence is contributed to our ongoing research.

In the event that such evidence is captured, we ask that we be allowed to use it in future presentations, films, podcasts and YouTube videos.

We understand that some situations can be very sensitive, and will make every effort to keep you and your family off camera unless otherwise agreed.

No footage is used without permission from you first. We always ask and discuss any materials released with you first. Declining permission will in no way affect the investigation.