Both Richard, Jared and other team members of Paranormal Now investigations have been fortunate enough to have featured in a number of media outlets over the past decade throughout our Paranormal investigations in Wales.

Working with news papers, film makers, journalists, bloggers and other organisations to raise awareness of the Paranormal within the South Wales community, highlight different cases we have been a part of. (With the support of the families we have helped of course), and use the Paranormal as a way of highlighting local history.

This section of our site is dedicated to highlighting some of the wonderful projects we are so grateful to have been a part of the years and some of the articles that have highlighted our work, and the work.

In Search of the Dead – Paranormal Scholar.

In 2017 we answered a notice that went out through Facebook to work with Youtubers Erik and Laura from the Paranormal Scholar Youtube channel on their film project “In Search of the Dead.”

Working with these guys over the course of the last few years has been an absolute joy, and the journey of which producing this film has taken them on has been inspirational, as we know how difficult a feat this was to produce both personally and professionally.

What resulted from this journey, was one of the most profound Paranormal documentaries you will ever watch. “In Search of the Dead” is profoundly entertaining, inspirational and above all informative. We would recommend this film for anyone who is beginning their own journey into the Paranormal, for the sheer honesty and authenticity these guys show.

Below is the trailer from “In Search of the Dead” and why not check out some of their other videos while your there.

You can buy or Rent in Search of the dead by clicking here.

Cardiff University Student Projects

In the Spring of 2018 we worked with three students from Cardiff University Sarah Bendjenana, Fangyu Xing and Xinyl Wang to produce three Paranormal themed short films after the students accompanied us on one of our investigation evenings at Llandaf Cathedral grounds. Check the videos out below.

Dead Creepy Podcast Interview

In May of 2017 we were invited by Claire Barrand and Linzi Smith to be part of their inaugural episode of The Dead Creepy Podcast. During the session we talk about some of our experiences and encounters in some of Wales most haunted places.

Appearances in the News

On the 29th of April 2017 we were featured in Wales Online for capturing a disembodied voice on Camera at an abandoned hospital in the Rhondda Valley South Wales. Read the Full Article here.

In December of 2015 we were featured in The Sun Newspaper for an article detailing what become one of our most infamous and unforgettable cases. This article covers the initial incidents of the case and you can read the full article here

In March 2018 we were featured in the Abergavenny Chronicle as part of a charity fundraiser event we organised with them, to invite members of the public to investigate the premises. The event consisted of a private investigation of the 400 year old building which was soon followed by the public investigation. You can read the article here, and the video below shows some of the amazing evidence captured during this investigation.

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Richard, (Creator of Paranormal Now) was featured in local news as far back as 2011 where his first case was covered in a Wales online article. You can read the full article here and find out more information by clicking the video below.

Paranormal Now Investigations on Alternative Websites.

Spotted ghosts is an online collection of Paranormal videos. We have a profile there and you can take a look at it by clicking here.

This is an interview Richard gave with Alt Cardiff before starting Paranormal Now Investigations, for his former group Paranormal Wales. However provides some interesting insights into the experiences that lead to him becoming a Paranormal Investigator. Take a look here.

Articles by our Team

This is an article written by our team member Jared Walters about his experiences with the Paranormal, Psychic dreams and spirit communication for which you can take a look at here.

Appearances in National Magazines.

In early 2013, Jared and Sam appeared in Love it Magazine describing the story of how they started their Spiritual journey and how the spirit of Jared’s brother Jonathan brought them together.

In March 2015 Richard featured in an article of Take a break fate and Fortune describing the follow up story to the sun article linked above. This case involved several members of our team as the spirit from one haunted house, took us across a town we did not know to find his mummy.

Richard in Fate and Fortune

In 2017 / 2018 both Jared, Richard and other members of the team along with some of the families we have helped over the years have featured in several articles within Take a Break Fate and Fortune and Chat it’s Fate.

In September 2019 Jared was asked to be an expert witness in Take a Break fate and fortune in an feature article about the Haunting of Culverton Hatch.

Lionel Thanthorpe
Richard with Exorcist and Paranormal Legend Lionel Thanthorpe