We are keen to work with any person, charity or business to put on Psychic and Paranormal themed events throughout South Wales and beyond. Whether a small talk to a full blown investigation, we can help make this a reality.

We have worked with a range of charities, fundraisers, businesses and individuals in the past including “The British Heart Foundation, Cardiff Institute for the Blind, Asthma Awareness, Rhondda people, Art’s Council of Wales, Abergavenny Chronicle, and many community organisations to help raise the profile of local venues, raise fund for charity, put on themed nights and much more.

Voices From the Spirit World Events.

The Voices from the Spirit world events programme was set up in 2015 by Jared and Richard to help raise awareness of local history through the eyes of the Paranormal, getting people involved in exploring sites of local interest and try their hand at Paranormal investigating within a safe environment.

The video below is from one of these investigations of Dowlais community centre in Merthyr Tydfil, once a train station now a community hub for youth and sporting related activities.

During the night’s investigation Jared and several members of the public conducted a ghost box session where they asked for validation that Spirit was around them. What they had was quite amazing, a clear response from a train driver who’s picture was on the wall of the room we conducted the session in.

If you have a project in mind of which you feel could benefit from our help then please contact us or use the form below to email for further information.

You can download the Voices from the Spirit world press pack here.

Paranormal themed talks and Clairvoyant demonstrations.

Are you putting on a Paranormal themed conference, psychic fayre or open day and looking for guest speakers.

Abergavenny event

Both Richard and Jared are very well versed in a range of Paranormal topics with a wealth of personal experience to draw upon. Our main area of expertise is Life after death and spirit world contact/communication, however we also have a growing wealth of knowledge about the UFO phenomena when it comes to contact and personal experiences with other entities.

Many of our team are practicing mediums and able to offer Clairvoyant demonstrations in front of an audience. We love working in front of audiences giving in depth readings to attendees and what we believe to be evidence of existence of life after death.

For more information please contact us using the form below.