WELCOME to Paranormal Now Investigations.

We are a South Wales based research and investigation team focusing on understanding the nature of the Paranormal both locally and worldwide.

Giving a Paranormal talk in Cwmbran Wales

It's been a heck of a ride. Researching the Paranormal

We started a Paranormal research group in Wales because of our own personal experiences. Why not say Hi and find out a bit more about us.


We are dedicated to exploring all aspects of the Paranormal, the spiritual aspects of the self and what is going on in the world. So Join us every Wednesday on our Youtube Channel for THE NOW DEBATE. A weekly show where we interview special guests, look over evidence and challenge some of the more interesting topics happening in our world today.

Check out some of the highlights below or head over to our videos page to browse our full library. More information coming soon to our blog offering expanded insight, analysis and investigation materials.

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Paranormal research conducted near cardiff wales
Using an sls camera to detect spirit activity.


We have been where you are! We know how unsettling it can be and we are genuinely here to help. Click the button to find out more.


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We offer one to one sessions for those interesting in having a psychic / spiritual reading, or those who are interested in having a bit of life guidance., Are you looking for validation of the Afterlife? Interested in some guidance or are you going through a Spiritual awakening expereince. Or perhaps your interested in some Reiki Healing. We offer a range of sessions to suit your individual needs so click the link below to find out more.

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It is small but we encourage people to get involved and share their opinions about the world of the Paranormal.

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In the media

We are absolutely thrilled and very grateful  to be featured in several Newspaper articles, magazines, alternative websites, Films, books and YouTube videos.

Highlight listen to our inverview with the girls from Dead Creepy Podcast Here


Interested in putting on a Paranormal event?

We have had the privilage of working with a range of organisations from around Wales and beyond organising both Psychic and Paranormal themed events. Click the button to find out more.