Battles with Evil Spirits, Psychic abilities and the darker side of the Paranormal – Kev the Rev

In this Now Debate we welcome Now Debate Live with Paranormal Investigator, Spiritual Medium and Demonologist Kev the Rev.

Show notes for this Now Debate

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0:00 Introduction

In this section we talk about the previous Now Debate with Gari Jones and update everyone on some of the bizarre things that happened that night and why the video had to be deleted.

11:00 Mental Health, Dark phenomena when the Paranormal gets bad

In this section of the interview we give some insight into some of the darker investigations we have been confronted with when investigating the Paranormal, including when the Paranormal goes bad due to things like people summoning demons, where a ghost or spirit physically hurts someone or in some cases where a person's mental health is a factor.

22:22 Demons and cultural references

Kevin in this section talks about his belief and experience with different entities and how they work in his experience. We then discuss and debate the different cultural references for such entities.

33:00 Wonder vs Darkness in the Paranormal

The conversation proceed to include some of the times investigating the Paranormal has made us wonder about the universe around us. Times where rather than being Dark the Paranormal has become fascinating.

48:00 What happens when you investigate the darker side of the Paranormal

Though this sounds troubling it is something we have all experienced. That is when we are helping others, how negative forces can effect us. Our mindset, thing that happen within our lives and lots more.

One example is given by Richard, where he expresses how in cases where a team has been involved in an investigation, things have happened to each team member almost to get them in the right place for the investigation to take place.

55:19 The Council of 12, Pentyrch and the ghost box.

We discuss the Now Investigations and our interactions with the Council of 12

1:09:01 Dr Penny Satori Afterlife experiments

Kev talks about a lady a Morriston Hospital in Swansea who derived experiments to see if people were still conscious after death.

1:11:30 The Moon and it's origins

We talk about the Hollow Moon theory, why the moon rung like a bell when being struck, luna effects on people, and tales of when the moon apparently did not exist.

1:19:00 Delores Cannon

We conclude with discussing some of the works of Delores Cannon and the Quantum healing Hypnosis technique.

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