Growing up with spirits around me, my terrifying ghost story. Richard’s story Part 1!

This is the first time for me sharing my story in this way, but I have chosen to do it because with everything I am seeing in the world today I have decided I need to speak my truth, as I know there is a better way. This is a very strange story which starts from growing up with spirits around me, but what it grew into something much deeper. A deeper message not just for me, but for everyone, I just chose to listen to it. So I share it in the video above for you to make up your own mind.

Growing up with Psychic Abilities

I had many paranormal experiences as a child, too many to recount here if I am honest. Though I would be quite street growing up in the welsh valleys during the dying days of industry and the aftermath of the miners’ strike, it was not uncommon for you to see me getting into all sorts of mischief back then.

Then there was that side of me, the side that asked, why do I see ghosts around me?  Seeing loved ones after they had died, having blankets and bedding torn off during the night or even being pulled out of bed, experiences that those around me at the time simply didn’t understand.

I would often call this side my curse, as it conflicted with everything I was seeing, how others were feeling, I often found myself wondering what to do when you feel a connection to something greater than yourself.

I have now come to realise that growing up with spirits around me was a learning experience, one where I would get to understand love and the spirit world. That my terrifying ghost story had a purpose, I would ask questions to myself such as what it was like to be spiritual? Or what is it like to live a spiritual life. Through this story which I am about to tell I want to show that there is magic in everything, that this is God’s message if you like, is how to recognise your own divinity and not make the mistakes of the past.

Strange experience in Barry Island.

One of these experiences I had growing up was in the South Wales seaside town of Barry Island, which in the 1990s was still quite a popular destination for summer day trips with family and friends, having a beach, arcade, fairground and other facilities.

A figure reached out to me!

At one point I headed into an underground toilet and heard my name called, it was odd by I decided to investigate, and went down an alleyway adjacent to the toilet, and there was this figure stood next to an arch behind a fence. The figured called me again and reached for me. I was about 10 foot away from the gate and the figure reached so far it’s fingers nearly touched my face. I ran from the scene in utter terror.

I knew the world would change  

So anyone asks what’s life like as a psychic? Well… That’s one of the experiences you can have for a start, yet did it happen as I remember it, well that is where faith comes in. But there were experiences which I can validate.

Towards the end of the 1990s I was getting into my 20s, settling down and starting a family of my own. I also become very ill at that time, and the doctors could not find what was wrong with me. They said it was cancer but couldn’t find the evidence as to where it was. My partner at the time, was expecting our first son to be born and I was seriously questioning my future.

Amongst this I could feel that something bigger was coming, it was an event which would change the world as we know it. Nothing after this event would be quite the same again. That event was the terrorist attacks of 2001 in New York city where 2 planes smashed into the world trade centre, and I saw the greatest psychic prediction I had ever witnessed when a BBC reporter announced the collapse of building seven about half hour before it happened.

In essence I saw 911 before it happened, and I realised the darkness behind 911, as everything that was subsequently released appeared dodgy to me. Yet at that moment I knew that my life and the world would never be the same.

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