Brother gives 100% Proof of survival beyond death!

My story comes from my own experience of losing my brother Jonathan when I was 16 years of ago. It was for me a life defining event. Growing up in the Rhondda in South Wales and attending a school for the blind in Bridgend, leading a very sheltered childhood, Jonathan was very much my link to the outside world. There was an indescribable bond between us, which I have come to realise transcends our relationship here as brothers.

Jonathan was like any normal kid here on the earth, mischievous, fun loving, always up for a laugh, would not see someone underdone or screwed over, he was loving but care free.

Jonathan taken in 1998

Apart from the odd few times where it would come up in the family, seeing spirit, psychic phenomena was not something spoken about in the family until around 1994 when my grandfather passed away, and my own experiences started to truly manifest. It was in October of 1998 where my grandfather come to me in a dream and told me something bad was going to happen that this side of life began to take centre stage, as for the next few months, I would be surrounded by ghosts.

By the February of the next year, Jonathan had passed from a congenital heart defect known as Dilated Cardial Myopathy. So there in a sense become the real start of my journey. For the months surrounding his death I would see him. For years after I would dream of him, but in 2008 I started to awaken, and gradually over the next few years my world would change.


This video contains what I believe to be real examples of spirit communication. You will see the video open with an afterlife box spirit communication session where I am getting direct responses from Jonathan on whether or not the app actually works.

These responses are amazing in their own right as you can see I am having a genuine conversation with the dead.

This is not a one off either. We have been experimenting with this for the past seven years and I have found that throughout that time. Jonathan, has left me profound messages of love, guidance and inspiration from beyond death and news of the profound spiritual awakening I was about to go through.


In order to understand how this research actually works then you need to understand 2 things, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental Tran communication (ITC). I will give a very brief insight.

One of the common things Paranormal investigators will experience when on investigation is a disembodied voice appearing on a recording. This is something that has been experienced since the 1930s and is highly controversial scientifically.

Yet one of the first sets of people to experience EVP was the Swedish Military who could hear voices on radio waves which they thought were a Nazi code. Yet this was disproven after the war.

In the 1960s and 1970s two people one an artist the other a psychologist (Frederick jurgensen and Konstantinis Raudive) would experiment with this in great detail and develop techniques using these signal to communicate with the voices.

This would eventually lead to spirit box technology where an audio source is provided for a spirit to manipulate, one of the pioneers of this is Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal

There is much more to say on the subject but the above videos should give an insight.      


So I show some of the first message Jonathan ever left me, my first real example of spirit communication if you will.  

This was from a PSB7 Spirit box demo from 2013 that a friend of mine conducted when on a paranormal investigation near the grounds of Castle Coch in South Wales. Within minutes of asking my friend what the device was and what it did, I immediately could hear a message from the psb7 device, it called my name.

This was a genuine message from the spirit world as everyone around me heard it and regarded in amazement. “It said your name there Jared” they said, so we continued to ask out. This was my first time using a ghost box and what a result. A brother’s message from the spirit world, it was very emotional. Later in the video I show some further sessions that I have done with Jonathan over the years, using apps such as the Q3 Mark ii spirit box, SCD2, Portal and SCD1 I found each time I would get direct responses from each spirit box I used. The Afterlife is real and for me this was 100% proof of survival beyond death.

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