UFO Spotted over Cardiff Wales January 2020

A UFO has been spotted in the skies of Cardiff Wales near the site of the 2016 Pentyrch UFO incident.

Back in August of 2017 whilst travelling home from giving some readings in Llantrisant Richard spotted a Kite shaped object in the skies over a section of road known as Power Station hill.

This lead us to investigate further and follow the object in the direction of Llantrisant Common and Smilog woods (One of the sites of the 2016 Pentyrch incident). We attempted to capture further evidence and were not really successful.

The next night we were called to help a family in the area who were having activity and felt they may have captured something strange on their security cameras, and although we did not get any further information on the UFO we did have one of the most difficult encounters we have dealt with.

This experience is documented in the below video.

Since that time Richard has moved closer to Power station hill and now the area where he lives over looks the bypass. One night in November of 2019 he captured a strange object floating in the same area but was not able to capture it well on Camera.

However at 3am one morning in January Richard filmed this video of the object he watched zoom into the sky and hover for around an hour. “You cannot see it in the video” he says but the object appears to be a triangle.

You can see some pictures of the object in the gallery below.

Richard is continuing to watch the skies and he will keep his camera at the ready so that if he should capture anything you will be the first to know. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be the first to find out more with videos uploaded 3 times a week including a live Now Debate Broadcast every Wednesday at 8pm GMT

If you have seen any strange objects over South Wales or anywhere else for that matter then contact us using the form provided or email [email protected].

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