Llantrisant UFO and The Alien Inside Part 1

This is the story of how our Llantrisant UFO sighting lead to helping a South Wales family deal with a dark presence in their home.


There are moments that define who we are and set us on a journey.

This journey sets into motion events that cannot be fully realised until they have reached their conclusion. 

Events that have no obvious relevance to each other can lead to something profound that changes us forever.

This is one of those moments. So amazing and out there, that we have trouble believing it. 

This is part one of a multipart story written from Jared's point of view.  Some of the names and places have been changed to protect the identity of those involved yet the experience are very real.

We hope you will enjoy.

Richard and Jared observed a Llantrisant UFO on 31st of August 2018
Richard Oliver left) and Jared Walters Paranormal Investigators

August 31st 2018 8.45pm


I glanced over towards Richard who was waiting by the car, busying himself with his keys wallet and phone. Checking if he had everything no doubt.

The sun descending the autumn sky as the nights were drawing in. My thoughts now directing to the weekend ahead and just how much things have changed. It was so quiet here, you wouldn't think you were just north of Cardiff city centre.

It was not so long ago, my weekends would have been so different. Setting off after work for a nights heavy drinking to drown the stress of the 9 till 5.

Now my weekend, or the next day at least would be spent at Richard's house exploring the last six years worth of Paranormal evidence we had collected through various cases incidents and expeditions. Too much for one day of course, but enough to be getting on with.

“So you cleared the upstairs then” The voice cutting off my trail of thought as I gathered my own belongings.

I turned to see Stephanie standing in the doorway to her house looking slightly concerned yet more relieved than we first arrived an hour ago.

“We have tested the area” I smiled glancing over to Richard to alert him that I may need his help. “There are no signs that anything is still present.”

“So what was it” she asked intrigued.

“Just a lost soul” I replied, “the activity you were having was just a way of getting your attention, they just needed help is all”.

“Think of it this way” I smiled, “When you’re trying to get someone’s attention and they don’t hear or understand you, what is the first thing you do?”

“I would try another way” she replied her mind quickly making the connection. “So your saying that because I didn’t realise what they were trying to say, they were effectively just shouting louder?”.

“Exactly” Richard cut in “Sometimes spirit will escalate activity just to get their message across; they meant you no harm, just needed to get your attention enough so you would help them. They could tell you were sensitive, and were probably hoping you would do something “

“and when you called us” I interrupted “we noticed it straight away and helped them to cross over to the other side”

“So why couldn't do this for themselves” she smiled at us both, her fear quickly transforming to fascination.

“It’s like when we go through periods of depression” I pondered, “Sometimes we need a helping hand to see our way through, the same was true for this gentleman, something happened to him when he died, and he could not see a way passed the state of mind he was in.”

She smiled turning her attention back towards the doorway. "I see, thank you so much for coming out"

Richard anticipated her movement and edged back towards the car “You have my number now, ring me anytime”

I turned towards the car, opened the passenger side door, quickly and carelessly throwing my bag onto the back seat. "You have us both on Facebook" I said.

“Yes I do, thank you again” She waved anticipating our departure

“Not a problem take care” I climbed into the passenger seat of the car closing the door behind me, quickly winding down the window.

Richard joined and promptly attempted to start the vehicle greeted by an angry protest from the engine, but igniting on a second attempt.

Richard spots UFO in llantrisant
Richard driving his not so trusty Golf GTI

I chuckled to myself, playing with the prospect of not getting back to Richard’s house intact.

Our version of Ecto One be a car Richard would affectionately call a bag of shit.

I knew he loved this car, yet I was honestly considering creating a video documenting his various vehicular incidents as Paranormal. Or an example of how someone could have such bad luck with cars.

We said our goodbyes and drifted off, Richard paying attention to the street looking carefully for the way out.

“You hungry... I know just the place, they do battered potatoes and they are sublime”

"Battered Potatoes Ooo?" I was ravenous, hadn't eaten all day.

The conversation drifted back and fore for about 10 minutes as the darkness of the autumn sky set in.

The quiet north Cardiff Neighbourhood now gone replaced by the familiar swarm of cars steadily cruising along the bypass as we headed toward Llantrisant.

“What the” Richard looked up, his eyes wide in mild amazement

“What?” I replied struggling to gaze in the direction I thought he was looking in and noticing a light in the sky but very little detail, due to my reduced vision.

“That” he pointed taking his hands quickly off the steering wheel “Can you see that Ja?”

“No” I replied, “it is a bit far out of my sight range.

“What the hell is that?” his gaze turning to a form of concentrated confusion trying to study the object whilst still keeping his eyes on the road.

“Seriously, that is too low for a plane, and it is the wrong shape, can you see it now?”

Our Llantrisant UFO incident lead to some pretty incredible experiences.
Feb 26 2016 multiple witness UFO near Llantrisant

Though we were getting closer to the object, I could only see a small light suspended in mid air but sadly no detail.

My stomach starting to turn, partly with hunger and a sense of nervousness. I could feel something interesting was about to happen.

“Can we Pull over?”

“Hang on, i'll have to see now,” Richard muttered keeping one eye on the object the other on the road.

Guess those battered potatoes are off the menu I thought distracting myself as I reached for my camera, flipping the switch to activate the start up sequence.

The cameras battery had died, so I reached over for a replacement from my bag so carelessly thrown onto the back seat it was now out of comfortable reach.

This would be a good one to send to secureteam I thought to myself, failing to notice the car had pulled over onto the hard shoulder, Richard already unfastening his seatbelt, “I will use my phone now Ja”

My thoughts now raced to the moment in a state of perfect clarity belatedly realising that we were at one of the sights of the most famous UFO incidents to come out of the last ten years in the UK, the Pentyrch incident of 2016 where it was reported that military forces had engaged a craft near Llantrisant Common.

“Bugger” Richard yelled from outside the car aiming his camera at the sky “Jesus”

“What?” I replied abruptly, feeling my own limitations of not being able to do anything, being sat on the side of a busy road, looking around for the object yet seeing nothing.

“Its gone,” Rich stepped back into the car and switched on the engine, his old faithful Gold GTI starting for the first time.

“Did you get it on camera?” I asked both anticipating and nervous of the response.

Richard checked his phone, his eyes dropped in a disappointing frown, “No” he continued to search frantically in a vain effort to find the video he had just shot, yet nothing. “But I pressed record, it should be here.”

He looked up towards the traffic, “we have to move Ja, it is not safe here”  his gaze rapidly shifting back and fore looking for an opportunity to get off the hard shoulder and back into the stream of increasingly busy traffic.

“What happened?” I asked

“I am not sure, that wasn’t anything like I have seen before, it just shot off across the sky,”

“Which direction”

“I think it went towards the common”

“Follow it”

Richard contemplated for a second then made the decision, promptly shifting lanes to head off the motorway and into the old Llantrisant town in the direction of the common. “I am not sure though” he pondered second guessing his initial assumptions

“What does your gut tell you” I asked

“Well it’s worth a gander but”

I looked down to the camera now displaying the lights associated with being fully activated and ready to go. I pressed the record button, making sure the tape was clear and the battery life was ready to document what could be a long night ahead.

The adrenaline in my body starting to build to the sound of my heart thunderously beating in my chest, pressing the record button I uttered a small introduction, then turned the camera in Richards direction

“Tell me what you saw” I enquired

Richard kept his eyes on the road, yet anticipated what I was doing, the memory of the craft fresh in his mind.

“Hi guys, Richard from Paranormal Now, we have just come from a case and we are travelling along the bypass near Llantrisant where the infamous Pentyrch incident of 2016 took place."

"We have just seen something in the sky unlike anything I have seen before.  It was about 500 foot up from the ground, kite shaped with flashing red white and blue lights hovering with no sound.”


Find out what happened during our Llantrisant UFO incident with Part 2 coming very soon.

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