Spirit attacks investigator when investigating the paranormal in South Wales

During October of 2014, as part of what would become our “Voices from the Spirit world” project where we investigated historical places around South Wales with an eye to local history. As a team this is one of our first investigations of the Paranormal in South Wales we were able to document fully.

We worked with Rhondda People to produce a short Paranormal documentary and public event.

The investigation of the old theatre was to determine if we could collect any evidence to show at the public event and if there were any potential issues that would arise from such an event being organised.

Paranormal equipment

During the investigation we decided to trial some paranormal equipment, including;

PSB7 and PSB11 Spirit boxes. Radio based devices which are said to allow spirit to communicate with you by manipulating the radio signals and audio coming through the device. This is based on the works of Konstantin Raudive, Fredrich Jurgenson and Raymond Cass. Who were pioneers in the field of Instrumental trans-communication ITC inthe 1960s to 1990s.

The theory is derived from the phenomena known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)  where a voice appears on an electronic recording with no distinguishable source in reality when recording. It is said that a spirit uses the ambient background noise to create the impression of a voice to give a message. ITC equipment helps to achieve this in real time. 

The Spirit box achieves this by sweeping the frequencies at a very high rate, (imagine you have a radio and your turning the dial up and down very quickly) so that no works from the radio can be heard, therefore any responses are considered anomalous. Upon further examination we have found these responses to be intelligent responses to questions asked.

Spirit box Apps work on a very similar principle to the radio based spirit boxes, however instead of using analogue signals they either use recorded sound banks or digital radio on a high sweep rate. The theory here is that a spirit does not need the background static to manipulate but they can use any form of audio.

The Ovilus is an ITC device that uses an electromagnetic sensor and an in built dictionary, which supposed to activate when a spirit comes into contact with the device. The sensor then activates the dictionary and the device will display a word or phrase to respond.

We also tried several paranormal techniques such as a glass séance and Scrying, a technique of staring through a mirror to see if a spirit will use the reflection of your form to appear.

Spirit Attack

During the Night we split into two groups, one focusing on the upstairs of the theatre the other focusing on the lower levels. During the initial walk around one of the investigators noticed a sharp pain on their neck as they were walking through the corridor, noticing that out of nowhere a scram had appeared on his neck.

He soon becomes aware of a presence of a spirit that may have worked at or near the building at some point in the early 20th century. This person was not able to cross because of their attitude and actions he had taken when living here on the earth plane.

Message from a Loved one

As this attacking spirit was being dealt with by the one group, the second group found a much lighter tone, as they undertook a Seance experiment, using a glass on a flat surface. This experiment works by getting several people to stand in a circle around a table with their fingers on a glass.

Richard offering help with the Paranormal in Wales Seance session in Pentre.

Spirit are supposed to be able to move the glass, in one direction for yes and another for no. This experiment has been highly criticised by skeptics because the participants can move the glass unknowingly. However we have since conducted several of these experiments under safe conditions and the feeling when the glass move is so strange. On many occasions other things will happen at the same time, such as spikes in electromagnetic energy or an EVP, and example you can find here.

When conducting the experiment Richard picked up on someone relating to one of the Staff members from Rhondda people joining us at the time. What he picked up was confirmed as accurate. So they decided to ask questions during the session, each time the glass moved to a confirming answer.

Take a look at the video below which documents the investigation in full.



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