Train driver ghost speaks at South Wales Community Centre

As part of our Voices from the Spirit World Project in 2015 we invited members of the public to join us on an investigation of Dowlais Community Centre, a converted ex railway station located in Merthyr Tydfil, seemingly haunted by the spirit of a train driver.

Upon visiting the site Richard Oliver (One of our Mediums) Picked up on an elderly gentleman with a flat cap and issue with his leg walking around the building, and noted he had an affinity with the site.

On a stormy night a few weeks later we conducted our investigation to find some strange activity recorded in both of the buildings. It was obvious that someone wanted to get our attention.


Members of the public who joined our investigation brought along some of their equipment, so as a result we had several electromagnetic sensors at our disposal and decided to try and experiment to see if we could get the spirit to light up a specific device we selected out of a group.

The video below shows that we were getting some anomalous signals that may have indicated intelligent responses.


Towards the middle of the night we gathered everyone into one room and conducted a séance to bring though any messages from spirit. This meant leaving one area of the 2 building complex empty but left recording equipment on hand to see if anything would happen.

 Upon our return we found that the recording equipment had been switched off and some of our trigger objects had moved.

So we decided to undertake a spirit box session to determine who had moved the objects. Richard Jones another investigator with the team had also picked up on the same person that Richard Oliver picked up on earlier. So we asked during the spirit box session

To our surprise the device gave us the same name that Richard had picked up and told us he was a train driver. We then noticed that the gentleman described was in a picture displayed on one of the walls.


When investigating the Paranormal, you have to be quite critical of the evidence you are getting if you’re going to remain impartial. So one of the reasons we use these various forms of experimentation is to determine for sure that what we are getting is correct

So for us, having 2 Mediums individually pick up on this gentleman and describe him, to have the spirit box device also say his name and his profession and for it to be confirmed in a picture is very good evidence that someone was making their presence known during the investigation.


One of the reasons why we like to investigate places that have not been investigated before is to allow the spirits who have association with a place and it’s history to tell their story.

There was no bad feeling during the nights proceedings but there was activity that some would find frightening

What we have to remember is a spirit is a person just like any other and in most cases all they are trying to do is get our attention so that they can tell their story. You are asking for interaction, so be open to a response.

They would have lived, had friends and family just like anyone else, and therefore when someone gave the opportunity for them to speak they are going to be curious and going to attempt to make their presence known to say “hello I am here”. Sometimes they express concerns, thoughts and opinions of what is going on in the local community however their intention rarely is to cause harm.

Investigating Dowlais community centre was a truly amazing experience with some awesome validation that when we pass, we can still take an interest in the lives we had.



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